SA Payroll Guide - Common Mistakes to Avoid

Remember, your pay voucher must be complete and accurate! Here is a list of the most common mistakes that delay your pay.

  1. Not completing and submitting your pay voucher on time.
    It is simple. If you want to get paid on time, follow your department process to complete your portion of the pay voucher and submit it to your department on time. If you are unsure when your department dealines are for each month, make sure you ask! Also, payroll deadlines are published on the second page of the voucher to assist you.
  2. Signature Date is Incorrect.
    If the date of your signature on your monthly time voucher is prior to the last day you worked, you will have to correct the voucher before you can be paid. Make sure your signature is dated on or after the last day you have worked during the monthly pay period.
  3. Pay Period Hours are Not Added or Totalled Accurately.
    Do you know how many hours you worked? Do you want to get paid for your time? Please add your daily, weekly, and monthly hour totals accurately. Don't expect the department to keep track of your hours. Keeping track each day will help keep your records accurate and timely.
  4. Academic Units Are Missing.
    You must be registered for academic courses in order to be eligible for work hours. Graduate students must be enrolled for a minimum of 4.5 units, and Undergraduates must carry a minimum of 6 units during the pay period in which you worked. If you start with the minimum units and drop under the minimum later, you will not be eligible.
  5. Multiple Positions Information Missing.
    Even if you are working for only one department you must check "No" in this box. If you are working for several departments during the pay period, check "yes" and list any other departments you are working for. Keep in mind, you may not work more than 20 hours total while school is in session. During Holiday periods and times when school is not in session, you may work 40 hours per pay period.
  6. Unreadable or Illegible Numbers and Names.
    Many student pay vouchers are halted when we cannot determine numbers and names. The new form is fillable and can greatly improve legibility, but make sure if you are handwriting (no pencils, Ink only) pay voucher details, that your numbers, names, and other information submitted is clearly readable. When we cannot determine these unreadable items, the pay process stops until we can contact you and resolve this.
  7. You Assume We Automatically Mail Checks To You.
    You are responsible for picking up your check each month at SBS 285 (the 2nd floor Cashier's window) unless you complete a "Student Payroll Mail Request" form at your department or the Payroll Office. Your checks will never be automatically mailed to you unless you are going to be out of the local area or have a circumstance that causes you to leave town. In this case, you must have a signed "Student Payroll Mail Request" form completed before the Payroll department can redirect your paycheck through the mail. Be sure to check the requirements with the Payroll Office first and plan ahead if possible.

If you want your check mailed and would like to know about specific requirements, contact the Payroll Office for more information.