Direct Deposit for Payroll


Direct Deposit of your pay warrant to your financial institution is a service provided to our Cal Poly Humboldt employees through the State of California's Direct Deposit Program. This program provides for the automatic deposit of all net earnings into the financial institution designated by the employee. All payments, including regular pay, shift differential, overtime, bonuses, etc., are transferred through Direct Deposit once an employee is enrolled.

Participants in Direct Deposit receive a direct deposit advice through campus mail in lieu of the actual payroll warrant.

The State of California's Direct Deposit Program operates under National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) rules and regulations.


All employees are eligible for direct deposit.


Employees who wish to enroll in the program must complete form STD 699, Direct Deposit Authorization Form, or can enroll on Cal Employee Connect.

The following information will be needed to complete enrollment:

  • Type of Account (checking or savings)
  • Routing Number (9-digit bank transit number normally located in the bottom left corner of your check)
  • Depositor Account Number

In order to ensure that the correct data is entered, you may wish to verify the above information with your financial institution prior to returning the form to the University Payroll Office. 

Your personnel/payroll office will verify your form for completeness and send it to the State Controller's Office (SCO) for processing. Once the SCO verifies that you have an active account at your designated financial institution, all payments you receive through the payroll system (e.g., regular pay, overtime, adjustments, etc.) will be made by direct deposit. Be advised, it will take 30 to 45 days for this process.

Timeframe for Direct Deposit Postings

Direct Deposit means that your funds are deposited to your bank account as soon as the funds are released from the State Controller's Office. For a complete schedule of direct deposit posting dates, see the Cal Poly Humboldt Green and Gold Calendar. 

Supplemental payments (e.g., overtime, shift differential, bonuses, etc.) are generally available within two banking days of the issue date of the payments.

Multiposition Participants

An eligible employee with multiple positions need enroll only once. All payments will be deposited into the designated account.

Salary Advances

The campus will not issue a salary advance to an employee who has an active direct deposit. In extraordinary circumstances the campus will administratively cancel an employee's direct deposit before an advance is issued. This cancellation/salary advance process can cause a delay of up to several days in advancing funds.

Direct Deposit Cancellation

A participant may discontinue his/her participation in the Direct Deposit Program by completing the appropriate portions of the STD 699, Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form. Normally, cancellations are effective two working days after the State Controller's Office (SCO) receives the STD 699.

Campus Criteria for Removing a Participant from Direct Deposit

Sometimes it is necessary for the campus or the State Controller's Office to cancel this Direct Deposit service. Listed below are some of the reasons why Direct Deposit may be terminated. If your Direct Deposit is cancelled, you will be notified in advance of payday so that you can make other arrangements.

  1. The participant has an outstanding university debt.
  2. The participant requests a salary advance.
  3. The participant's direct deposit payment is returned (e.g., due to a closed account or invalid routing number). The SCO will reissue a paper warrant.
  4. The participant may be overpaid due to, but not limited to:
    • Separation, suspension, dismissal, layoff, or death.
    • Absence without leave, absence, or participant tardiness which results in a dock situation.
  5. The participant filed bankruptcy under Chapters VII or XIII of the National Bankruptcy Act and a court order directs all or a portion of the participant's pay to be remitted to a third party.
  6. The participant has a court ordered garnishment which necessitates a paper warrant.

Direct Deposit Advice

The Direct Deposit Advice will be forwarded to the participants department through campus mail and should be retained by the employee for his/her records. The campus will destroy unclaimed advices and statements after 90 days.