View Paycheck Instructions (Students)

New Self-Service View Paycheck for Humboldt student employees

For Humboldt Student employees, a link has been added to the Student myHumboldt portal under “Personal Information” labeled “Humboldt Paycheck”.  By clicking on this link, Student employees will be able to view paychecks online. 

Paycheck screenshot

Another way to view paychecks in CMS HR is to log into PeopleSoft HCM.

Navigation:  Main Menu/Self Service/Payroll and Compensation/View Paycheck

Click on View Paycheck next to Check Date for the one you want to View

The View Paycheck page is a comprehensive replication of your SCO paycheck stub.  Although you will continually receive your pay stub or direct deposit advice, you now have the ability to view your paycheck information online via any computer with internet access.  You will also have the ability to print the selected pay stub or direct deposit advice.

Use the View Paycheck page to review your paycheck information for earnings, taxes, deductions, and net pay distribution.  You can also view Employer Paid Benefits.  The View Paycheck page provides information on current and historic checks and direct deposits as well as reversed checks.  (Historic paycheck information is available as of August 2004.)

Approximately the 5th of every month, you will be able to view t in the CMS HR system the most current paycheck that you have received.

Learn more about the View Paycheck fields