2022 Holiday Informal Time Off

In celebration of the holiday season, Governor Newsom has authorized a half day informal time off with pay for the day before the Christmas Holiday. In addition, President Jackson has authorized an additional half day off with pay for eligible employees to be used in conjunction with the Governor's time off only on 12/23/22. Please review the memo emailed from Cal Poly Human Resources for full details and eligibility requirements. If you have questions regarding the memo, please contact Human Resources at 707-826-3626.

Frequently Asked Payroll Questions:

Do I report holiday informal time off in Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) as a salaried employee?

No, this time off is informal and should not be reported in AMSS. Tracking of this day off is done between you and your department. The only type of employee that has a reporting requirement is hourly/intermittent employees.

I am a hourly/intermittent employee, how do I report the holiday informal hours?

Hourly/intermittent employees are permitted informal time off based on the following table, provided that the employee is a) on active pay status and b) if not for the campus closure would be scheduled to work on the campus' last work day prior to the holiday closure for Christmas or New Year's Day:

Total Hours Scheduled in December Pay Period- Hourly Position

Resulting Hours Off with Pay Observed on 12/23/22

 1-43 2
 44-87 4
88 or more 8

Based on the this table, the resulting hours should be added on the Adobe Sign Intermittent Hourly Timesheet under the "Regular Time" column. The deadline to submit December timesheets is January 4th, 2023.

I have multiple jobs, one is hourly and the other is salary, what do I do?

The informal time off must be used on the same day across all jobs. There is nothing to report for the salaired position. For eligible hourly positions use the table above to determine the value to enter on your Timesheet. The total number of hours in all positions cannnot exceed 8 hours.

Example: An employee has a .50 FTE (1/2 time) salaried postion and an additional hourly position. They are scheduled to work in both jobs on 12/23/22 and have selected that day for the informal time off. The total number of hours they are scheduled to work in December in their hourly position is 80 hours. The employee reports nothing in their salaried postion and add 4 hours to the "Regular Time" column of their Timesheet. They have now received a full day off with pay for 12/23/22. 

If you have any additional questions regarding reporting the holiday informatl time off, please contact the Payroll Office at payroll@humboldt.edu.