Emergency Pay 12/20/2022

Non-exempt employees who are in unions CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, 9) or Teamsters (Unit 6) who worked on 12/20/2022 while the campus was closed due to issues caused by the earthquake are eligible for emergency pay.

The hours that were worked on 12/20/22 will need to be submitted on a separate overtime form from all other overtime hours worked in the December 2022 pay period (form found under Overtime on the Payroll Forms page).

All required fields are marked with a red asterisk*

Make sure to select the appropriate Department ID, Pay Period, and Time Base.

Per management, the option for selecting CTO for the 12/20/22 emergency pay will not be available, all premium hours worked will be paid in cash. 

The days and hours recorded on this form are only those worked on 12/20/22

Once you are done filling the form out you will be instructed to sign or send it for signature.

CTO is not available as option for time worked on 12/20/22

For additional information regarding the provision, please refer to the articles in your corresponding CBA.

CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, and 9)

20.37 Emergency Pay:

Non-exempt personnel required to return to or remain at work shall receive emergency pay of an additional one-half (1/2) hour for each hour worked up to forty (40) hours per week. Hours worked in addtion to forty (40) hours per week shall be paid at time and one-half (the inclusion of the phrase "an additional" is for the purpose of clarification only.

Teamsters 2010 (Unit 6)

24.53 Emergency Pay:

"Emergency Pay" is compensation for hours worked by the designated employees during their formal shift while the campus is closed during the administrative leave period.

"Emergenyc Pay" is a premium payment (exclusive of the employee’s regular pay), paid at one times the employee’s straight time rate of pay for each hour worked during the emergency when the campus is on administrative leave. At the discretion of management, emergency pay may be awarded as cash or CTO. If paid as cash, the payment must be paid at the employee’s straight time rate. If credited as CTO, the hours credited must be on a straight time basis.

Time worked while receiving "Emergency Pay" are regular hours worked during their normal shift within the forty (40) hour workweek period.

The emergency pay premium will also be paid for any hours worked on an overtime basis during the emergency when the campus is on administrative leave.

Premium pay received as emergency pay for hours worked during the employee’s regular shift and when on an overtime basis shall be includable compensation for the purposes of determining the regular rate of pay for the payment of overtime.