Cal Employee Connect (CEC)

Cal Employee Connect (CEC) is a secure online self-service tool provided by the State Controller's Office (SCO). CEC allows current and former employees access to view and download their paycheck/earnings statements and W-2 statements. CEC now also gives employees the ability to enroll in direct deposit or change their current direct deposit information.

Register for CEC

  1.  To register for CEC you will either need a paper pay stub or you will need to login into myHumboldt and use the view paycheck function (Faculty/Staff and Student instructions). 
  2.  Navigate to Cal Employee Connect and select Register.
  3.  Select Department "CSU-Humboldt"
  4.  Enter the Agency Code "225"
  5.  Enter the Earnings Statement Number and Total Deductions from the pay stub/view paycheck from step 1.

 On a paper pay stub the 'Earnings Statement Number' is shown as 'Warrant No'

Earnings Statement Number equals Warrant No on Paper Warrant

'Total Deductions' is shown as 'Deductions'

Total Deductions equals Deductions on paper warrant

When logged into myHumboldt and using view paycheck function 'Earnings Statement Number' is shown as 'Warrant #' and will need to be entered in 0X-XXXXXX format.

The warrant number on view paycheck equals earnings statement number on Cal Employee Connect

'Total Deductions' will be the sum of 'Total Taxes' and 'Total Deductions'

In view paycheck the total taxes and total deductions fields need to be added to get the deduction amount for Cal Employee Connect