Understanding the View Paycheck Fields

Although we have tried to replicate your State Controller’s Office (SCO) pay stub, there are some nuances due to CMS HR limitations.  There are several sections on the View Paycheck page – Company, General, Tax Data, Paycheck Summary, Earnings, Taxes, Before-Tax Deductions, After Tax Deductions, Employer Paid Benefits and Net Pay Distribution.  The following is a detailed explanation of each field found in View Paycheck. 

Company Section

Company:  All employees will see Humboldt State University

Important Announcement:

Paycheck information is updated monthly. This information is not intended for use as confirmation of payment for direct deposit to your financial institution nor should it be used for W-2 or tax reporting purposes. The official employer W-2 form will be mailed annually from the State Controller's Office in Sacramento. 

Please note that ALL retirement contributions show as PERS-EE and PERS-ER regardless of enrollment in CalPERS or the PST plan. For verification of which plan you are enrolled, please review your SCO printed pay warrant.
If you have any questions regarding this information, please call Business Services at 826-3512.

Net Pay:  This is your current Net Earnings.

Pay Begin Date:  This is the beginning of the pay period for the paycheck that was issued.

Pay End Date:  This is the Pay Period End Date for the paycheck that was issued.

Please refer to the Payroll website “Getting Paid” section for further information on payroll dates.  Hourly Employee pay and retroactivity will be reflected in the month it issues, not the month the pay was earned.

Check Date:  This is the date that your paycheck was issued.

You can click on the View a Different Paycheck link to return to the Paycheck Selection page.

General Section

Name:  This is your Name as shown in Personal Information.

Employee ID:  This is your Humboldt State ID number.

Pay Group:  This is for Master or Hourly pay group

Department:  This has the Department ID number and Department Name.

Job Title:  This is your current job classification.

Pay Rate:  This is your current monthly or hourly pay rate.

Tax Data

Fed Marital Status:  Displays your current Federal Marital status as reported to the IRS. 

Fed Exemptions:  Displays current Federal tax exemptions.

CA Marital Status:  Displays your current State Marital status as reported to the IRS.

CA Allowances:  Displays your current State tax exemptions.

Paycheck Summary 

Current Gross Earnings:  This is the current Gross Earnings.

Current Fed Taxable Gross:  Your Taxable Gross is your Gross Earnings minus your Before-Tax Deductions.

Current Total Taxes:  This is your total deduction for taxes. (Fed Withholding, Medicare, Social Security, and State Withholding)

Current Total Deductions:  This is the total of all your Before-Tax and After-Tax Deductions

Current Net Pay:  This is your current Net Earnings.

Earnings Section

This field displays the Earnings Type for your Paycheck. 

Taxes Section

This section displays all taxes that were withheld from your paycheck. 

Before-Tax Deduction Section

This section displays all Before-Tax Deductions that were deducted from your paycheck.

Please note:  the description for retirement states “PERS-EE” for all retirement contributions regardless of enrollment in CalPERS or the PST plan.  For verification of which retirement system you are enrolled in please refer to your SCO printed pay stub/direct deposit advice.

After-Tax Deduction Section

This section displays all After-Tax Deductions that were deducted from your paycheck. 

If you have elected Flex-Cash for Medical and Dental, your Flex Cash earnings will be displayed with a negative dollar amount in this section with the Description of “Flex Cash” whereby making this a positive dollar amount.  CMS HR functionality limits this from being shown in the Earnings section but is calculated as earnings.

Employer Paid Benefits Section

This section displays the Employer share of all Benefits paid for on behalf of the employee.