Intermittent Hourly

Submitting Time

PDF GUIDE: Intermittent Hourly Time Entry


Below is a brief overview of benefits each bargaining unit qualifies for. For more details please refer to the corresponding Contract Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

CSUEU (Unit 2, 5, 7, 9) APC (Unit 4) Teamsters (Unit 6) UAPD (Unit 1) C99 E99 M80 Rehired Annuitants
Personal Holiday Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Sick  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Vacation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Holiday Pay Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Shift Differential Yes No Yes No No No No No

Paid Holidays

Intermittent hourly employees in qualified classifications are eligible to recieve paid holiday hours per holiday based on the amount of hours worked in the given pay period. Paid holidays should be claimed using the absence management module in Peoplesoft HR Center. The hourly value of a holiday can be found using the below chart.

Intermittent Hourly Holiday Chart
Total Hours Worked Including Vacation, Sick, and Personal Holiday Claimed Total Prorated Hours Per Holiday
0 - 10.9 0
11 - 30.9 1
31 - 50.9 2
51 - 70.9 3
71 - 90.9 4
91 - 110.9 5
111 - 130.9 6
131 - 150.9 7
151 or over 8