Timekeeper Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view schedule information for employees?

  • As a Timekeeper you have the ability to view schedules and absence takes using the Time Calendar.  It is recommended that you use the "Monthly Time Calendar" and view by either Empl ID or Group ID.  Group IDs with an "A" will include absence management eligible employees.  Group IDs with and "X" will include student employees.  This page uses dynamic group security so entering a Department ID as a search criteria will bring back both student and staff records and is not recommended.  Also note that the sum of absences as well as hours scheduled is for calendar month rather than pay period and if selected will include 24-hour holiday periods.

View Schedule

View Schedule


How do I see if time was approved and who approved it?

  • The status of a reported absence can be seen through “Report and View Absences.”Detailed Timekeeper instructions are located in the Timekeeper guide

Why does the “Current Period Absence” column say “Sub” (submitted) when all absences have been approved for the current period?

  • “Current” to the system means most recently entered. The column really looks at the most recent absence entered and considers this entry as current. The entry could be 2 months into the future. If you are using this field to double check that a specific month’s time has been approved, you will need to click on the details located in the Report and View Absences page for any marked as submitted to verify it is the correct month.